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Back in 2007, when Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, was sick and tired of misplacing his USB drive the idea of ​​storage of personal and small business cloud was a radical. Today, everyone and their uncle seems to offer storage in cheap or free cloud.

It’s awesome! Except, well, how do you choose which one is right for you? It used to be that most people decided simply on the basis of the amount of free storage that you got. This had the advantage of being simple, but it tells part of the story.

The real value of a cloud storage service comes from how well it works for you. As you will see, some work much better with some operating systems and business plans than others.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive

It’s strange. Amazon did a great job with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for developers and IT companies, but Amazon Cloud Drive has never worked well. The most troublesome point for me is that there is no file synchronization.

In March 2015, Amazon introduced two new storage plans, just one for photos and one for all other types of files. Neither one is exactly free, but both have three-month trials. If you have an Amazon subscription or a fire device, however, unlimited photos for free. Without these, it is $ 12 per year.

Photos Unlimited offers unlimited storage for your photos and videos (GIF, JPEG, MP4, etc.) and 5GB free storage for other file types, such as PDF files or documents. Everything unlimited, as the name suggests, gives you unlimited file storage for $ 60 per year after three trial months.

You can access Amazon Cloud Drive from the Web or from Windows or Mac OS Cloud Drive desktop applications. Amazon Cloud Drive also Android and iOS applications. With these you can automatically upload videos and photos. This service is also integrated into the tablets and phone Fire from Amazon.

My bottom line is that if you have a phone or tablet Amazon Fire fire, or you are a member of Amazon Prime, Amazon Cloud Drive is worth it. If you are not, for me, this lack of integration with your desktop operating system is a deal breaker.



Sure, you can get a free Box cloud storage account and 250MBs storage for $ 10 per month, you get 100GBs of space, but it’s like using a Rolls-Royce to take a U-Haul trailer.

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The Evolution of Enterprise Storage

The Evolution of Enterprise Storage

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Box where really shines is as a groupware or application workflow. Used in this way, it allows you to share files with colleagues, assign tasks, leave comments about someone’s work, and receive notifications when a file is modified. The Starter version is for teams of 3 to 10 people. It comes with 100GBs of storage, can handle files up to 2GBs in size and integrates with Google Docs and Office 365. Starter costs $ 5 per month per user.

The Enterprise Edition requires at least three users, has unlimited storage and allows you to have as large as 5GBs files. It also works with Active Directory (AD) and Single Sign On (SSO). It also includes all boot functionality. This version costs $ 15 per month per user.

Box excels in the privacy of files and data encryption. You get full control of read / write permissions on your files and directories. In addition, you can also connect Box to enterprise applications such as Salesforce and NetSuite. Last but not least, you can also use it with Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom with plug-ins.

Like other services, you can use your files via the website Box and even create basic text documents. To really make it work, you need the Box Edit and Sync applications for Windows or Mac OS X. It also comes with iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone apps that allow you to view, download and share files. To edit files if you’ll need the Android application. Box is now integrated directly with Google Chrome OS if you use Chromebooks.

Box are some quirks. For example, you can not use Box to a server or a network drive. Your «local» directory must be either on your PC or directly attached drive.

Box is best suited for enterprise IT purchase. Its real value is if you deploy in your business not only as a way to store and share files, but to run team projects.



Who do not use Dropbox? Of course, his free storage is only 2GB, but you can use it on any platform. You can access your files from the Dropbox website, desktop applications for Mac, Windows and Linux, their native file systems and iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire mobile applications. It is a snap to set up, and you do not have to worry about file synchronization for a second.

It is also easy to add free storage for anything. Take the tutorial Getting road and you get 250MB more space. Get a mobile application and enable the automatic download feature photos, and ta-da 3GBS you get extra space. You can also earn 500MB for every friend you get to register for Dropbox to 16GBs in all.

If you need more storage, more mixturecloud.com storage, Dropbox currently offers 1 terabyte (TB) for $ 10 per month.

For small businesses, or those who just can not get enough storage, Dropbox Business offers unlimited storage for $ 15, plus tax, per user per month. This comes with a free 30-day trial.

Where Dropbox shines most is its sheer simplicity and the simple fact that you can use on almost any platform you care to name. If you or your crew, use many different gadgets, Dropbox should be your first choice. I should not tell you. You are probably already using it.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive be used for any storage. But Google took its online office suite, Google Docs, and glue them together. Now to just have a Google account, you get 15GBs of free storage and an excellent office suite. It is good enough that many companies and each Chromebook user now used as their office in full cloud.

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IT Budgets 2016: IOC Guide

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Still married to Microsoft Office and not Google Docs? No problem. With a Google Chrome extension, you can view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Need more storage? No problem. For $ 2 per month, you can get 100GBs, and for $ 10 a month, you can get 1TB. Also, if you buy a new Chromebook, you can get more storage. With a Chromebook, you will now have a free TB storage for two years. If you buy a high-end Chromebook Pixel, you get free storage for three years.

After the expiration of the free trade agreement, you still get to keep the storage you use. For example, if you use your free 500GBs 1TB, after a year and a day you still have free storage 500GBs.

If you want to build your business around Google Drive, you can do it too. Google Drive for Work unlimited storage space for files, folders and backuos for $ 10 per user per month. With it, you can sync all your business files, including Microsoft Office files on your computer, phone and tablet to access your work whenever you need. The only caveat is that if you have fewer users your company gets «only» 1 TB storage / user

There are applications for Google Drive for Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows. Annoyingly enough there is not a Linux application, although Google Drive is built into Chrome OS and Google has promised a Linux application for years. There is a third of applications, InSync, which I highly recommend, but I would really like to see Linux native app for Google.

If you are a Google Chromebook or power user, I do not have to sell you on Google Drive. It is the best cloud storage option for you.

iCloud drive

iCloud drive

Apple’s entry into cloud is … interesting. First, full player feature set iCloud only works if you have Mac OS X or iOS El Capitan 9. If you do not have the latest Apple and it will not show to its best advantage. In short, iCloud, the sooner the Apple iCloud service are not the same as iCloud Drive. Curiously, driving iCloud showed on Windows before it was on one of Apple’s own operating systems.

It comes with free storage 5GBs and it is a dollar a month for each additional 20GBs of storage or $ 4 for 200GBs. Like Google Drive, iCloud Drive is also integrated with an office suite, but it is only the office suite of the beginning of Apple iWorks.

Unlike other services, there is no business version of iCloud Drive.

ICloud Drive, in my experience, is liable to be slow and quirky. I had sync files between my Mac and iDevices trouble. Finally, I think that iCloud will be hard for Apple users already onedrive it is for Windows, but it’s always teething problems. However, as a business solution? It is not there now and I doubt that will ever be.



Formerly SkyDrive, Microsoft onedrive is what Apple wants iCloud hard to be when he grows up. From Windows 8, onedrive is baked into the operating system. Regarding you onedrive is just another folder in the file browser. Unlike iCloud Drive, onedrive work with more than the latest versions of Windows. Anyone can use it on the Web, with a desktop application for Mac and earlier versions of Windows, and with onedrive apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Xbox. Yes, Xbox.

Onedrive comes with free storage 15GBs. In addition, for each friend who signs onedrive as a new customer, you and your friend will receive an additional 0.5 GB of free storage up to 5GB.

If you need more, there is $ 2 per month for 65GB, $ 4 per month for 200GB, or $ 7 per month for 1TB. In addition, with the high level of TB line you get a free 365 personal office. Normally this plan will cost you $ 7 per month or $ 70 per year by itself. So if you’re an Office 365 user, this is obvious. Get both.

The real selling point for onedrive is that besides hand-in-hand to work with Windows. it also works closely with Microsoft Office programs. With Office 365, you can also collaborate with others on documents and spreadsheets in real time with your partners.

If you want to onedrive in your business, Microsoft is ready to help. Onedrive for business. This is not a self storage plan, but as Google Drive was merged into Google Docs, onedrive for Business is a wedding onedrive and Office 365. With Office 365 Business, Business Essentials plans, Premium or Business, prices start at $ 8.25 a user per month with a yearly commitment. With these packages, you get 1TB of storage per user.

There is no doubt who will get the most onedrive. He is someone who married in Windows and Microsoft Office. If you is, from using it already. You’ll be glad you did.



Software Licensing you down? Get your SaaS in gear and go cloud

Software Licensing you down? Get your SaaS in gear and go cloud

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What are you saying? You do not want to trust your data to Apple, Google, Microsoft or anyone else? Well, try how do-it-yourself: You can use ownCloud to configure your own cloud storage space, either on a desktop or server to your own sales.

The open-source ownCloud, although easy to set up for a Linux user-power, could prove a challenge for some. But if you want real control, it is difficult to beat.

OwnCloud comes in both free and in a business website. The only real difference is that the enterprise edition has support and greater integration with other cloud services. For example, you can integrate ownCloud with Amazon S3 and Microsoft onedrive.

How much storage do you get with her? How much do you want? I have a 4TB drive ownCloud in my office and one terabyte off one of my remote servers. There Owncloud desktop clients for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows and mobile applications for Android and iOS. You can also use the WebDAV protocol, an extension to HTTP, to integrate directly Owncloud drives in your local file system.

This cloud storage solution for those who want the maximum control over their storage and do not mind doing extra work to get it just right.

The best cloud for you?

It depends on what you use and what you want to do with it. All these services give you more than enough free service or cheap for the purpose of small businesses. In short, do not be distracted by the number without GBs of storage you get; it is not so important.

To summarize:

All-in-one desktop / cloud / workflow: Box, Google Drive, or OwnDrive.

Apple users: Amazon, Dropbox or Google Drive to iCloud player matures.

Ease of use and multiple devices? Dropbox.

Users of Google: Google Drive

Linux users: Owncloud

Users who place a high value on having control of data: Box or Owncloud

Windows users: onedrive

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    Источник: http://isi-2025.blogspot.com/ Нострадамус. Сиксены, альманахи и письма о будущем человечества». «Центрполиграф», 2011 г. Симонов В.А.

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